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Damaged teeth are a part of life. Injuries happen which can chip or crack teeth. Tooth decay can wear down enamel overtime which also causes teeth to crack or break. Thankfully, restorative dentistry can offer treatment for these painful issues and give you back full use of your teeth.

In order to repair the affected area of the damaged tooth, a dentist will perform a dental crown treatment. This simple and common procedure involves installing a cap on top of the tooth to provide structure and strength. In order to place the cap, the dentist first removes the enamel of the injured tooth and places the cap in the abutment. Caps are made of metal or porcelain and in some cases a mixture of the two. Back teeth, known as molars, always require metal to ensure they are strong enough for the demands made on them by chewing. After the cap is formed and placed into the area, it is securely glued into the tooth.

The materials used to make the caps are not subject to tooth decay, but you should still practice regular brushing and flossing. The surrounding enamel that the cap is attached to can erode due to tooth decay from plaque and tartar build up. This can cause the cap to loosen. Please practice regular dental hygiene to take care of your treatment.

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