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Oral trauma and dental accidents can be painful. The ramifications are long lasting and treatment can often be costly. While you can never completely prevent one from happening, there are several simple things Dr. Linh Nguyen recommends for reducing your chances of suffering oral harm.

It should go without saying that it is well worth the effort to break bad habits like chewing on pens and pencils or crunching on ice. This also extends to using your teeth as tools. These habits can potentially cause chips, fractures and other damage to tooth enamel.

If you are an athlete participating in rigorous athletic activities or contact sports, you need to use a quality mouthguard.

Bruxism is the technical term for grinding your teeth at night on a chronic basis. This can lead to several different oral health problems. Early on it could result in chips and fractures on the biting surfaces of your teeth. It could even cause TMJ disorder in the joints that hinge your mouth. In some cases, stress relief techniques or using a night guard when you sleep is all you need to reduce your chances of suffering complications.

Tobacco use poses several significant threats to your oral health. In the short term, it can affect gum health and stain tooth enamel. In the long term, tobacco use increases your chances of suffering oral and pharyngeal cancer.

You should also consider stocking your first-aid kit with a few common oral health care items like waxed floss, salt packets and topical oral analgesic. Keeping these items readily at hand will help you be prepared for some common oral emergencies.

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