Oral Hygiene: Tips on How to Motivate Your Child to Brush

Do you ever feel frustrated when trying to motivate your child to brush their teeth? If so, you’re not the only parent who feels that way. Many children despise brushing, so they usually fight parents when they are asked to brush. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case for you and your child. There… Read more »

Oral Health Essentials: Root Canals

Root canals are implemented to remove damaged pulp from teeth in order to save a tooth. Although the pulp is the foundation of a tooth, it may be possible to increase the longevity of a tooth if the damaged pulp is removed with root canal therapy.   The pulp is important to a tooth because… Read more »

Are You Informed About Sugarless Gum When It Comes to Your Healthy Smile?

The oral health care advantages of chewing gum are often disputed as gum itself cannot directly do much for your smile, other than help brush away food particles that may cling to your teeth and gums. Furthermore, if you suffer from a temporomandibular disorder in your jaw or if the gum contains sugar, you could… Read more »

What Dental Implants Can Do For You

Have you lost a tooth and are thinking about a dental implant? If so, you have come to the right place! Our team here at in , , offers dental implants, so we are happy to tell you how dental implants work. In a nutshell, dental implants are a popular form of tooth restoration. Implants… Read more »

Are You Genetically Predisposed to Sleep Apnea?

Are you genetically predisposed to sleep apnea? If you are, then the chances of you getting the disorder are much higher. Although sleep apnea is common, the effects can be devastating if treatment is not sought out. Here are a few other risk factors for sleep apnea: – As you age, you become more vulnerable… Read more »

A Bad Filling Might Cause a Toothache

A filling is commonly used to repair a small area of tooth enamel that has been compromised by a chip or cavity. They are typically bonded or cemented to the surrounding tooth enamel with a strong dental adhesive. While they are intended to last for many years, it is possible for poor oral hygiene habits… Read more »

Teen Temptations Can Destroy Your Smile

Teen temptations can destroy your smile. As a teen, there are multiple forms of temptation one can expect to encounter. In the quest to become popular amongst your peers, never be afraid to resist the temptations of peer pressure, as your teeth are not worth it. This includes protecting yourself during sports, avoiding bad habits,… Read more »

Is Your Smile at Its Optimum Oral Health Levels?

Is your smile at its optimum oral health levels? If you are looking to improve your tooth brushing skills, one easy method is to upgrade the care you give to your toothbrush. If your toothbrush is past its expiration date or has fallen into poor condition, it will not be able to do the job… Read more »

Early Detection of Oral Cancer Increases Chances for Successful Treatment

Oral and pharyngeal cancer are known to be more prevalent in older members of the American population. However, you should still not be remiss to ignore potential symptoms of these very serious oral health conditions. Regular tobacco and alcohol consumption as well as a family history of oral cancer can increase your chances of early… Read more »

Gum Disease: The Facts

You may already know that flossing and brushing are important if you’re hoping to keep your smile strong and healthy. You may also know that you should try to schedule appointments with our team twice a year. However, would it surprise you to learn that doing these things may not always be enough to help… Read more »