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Oral and pharyngeal cancer are known to be more prevalent in older members of the American population. However, you should still not be remiss to ignore potential symptoms of these very serious oral health conditions. Regular tobacco and alcohol consumption as well as a family history of oral cancer can increase your chances of early onset. When this happens, early diagnosis increases your chances of treatment success.

To that end, Dr. Linh Nguyen advises you to be wary of some common symptoms.

Early symptoms of oral cancer include a persistent pain in your mouth, which might also be associated with swelling or a lump in your cheek or gums. This could also include red or white areas on your gums, tongue, or tonsils.

Pharyngeal cancer can often include a persistent sore throat or a feeling like something is stuck at the back of your throat.

Each dental checkup performed at Best Dentistry includes a basic screening for signs oral and pharyngeal cancer. This involves a thorough examination of your tongue, throat, face, and neck for signs of swelling or discoloration.

Make sure to tell your dentist about any increased risk factors for oral cancer you might have. This would include things like a family history of oral cancer as well as frequent alcohol or tobacco use.

If you are experiencing symptoms of oral or pharyngeal cancer and you live in the Seattle, Washington, area, you should call 206-783-3000 to schedule a checkup and screening at Best Dentistry.