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Over the years, the repeated muscle contractions of frowning, squinting, and everyday use of our facial muscles accumulates and leaves patients with fine lines or moderate to severe wrinkles. BOTOX® is a safe and effective treatment to improve and smooth these lines and wrinkles. BOTOX not only has a place in improving esthetics of the face, but can aid in a number of dental related conditions, such as TMD and bruxism. A full list of treatments includes:

– Chronic Migraines
– Bruxism
– TMD with and without facial pain
– Gummy smile
– Crow’s feet
– Frown lines
– Sagging of the neck (Mini neck lift)
– Sagging of the brow (Mini brow lift)
– Most facial lines and wrinkles

At Best Dentistry, we understand the anatomy of the face and can help customize a plan to best suit your needs. Results last up to 4 months. Please contact our dentists, Drs. Nguyen and Wilson, if you would like to experience BOTOX in Seattle, Washington.